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    E-commerce website design and Development.

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    Website designing.

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    Web Development.

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    Successfully implemented projects of Web design.

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    Domain booking to search engine optimization.

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    Internet Marketing.

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    Pay Per Click Marketing.

  Our Goals:
  To help organizations, regardless of their size and scope, to maintain and grow their e-Business, by providing the most complete e-Commerce system, at the lowest cost possible. To ensure that customers enjoy a seamless experience, branded to the seller they are doing business with, not to Plimus. To provide world-class service, 24/7/365, to the vendors that trust us with their business, and to every one of their end-customers.
  How we do:
  We have built many successful web sites over the past years, and that experience has left us in no doubt that consumers will go online and use your website as a place to do business and that goes for retail and professional services web sites, as much as does for travel and tourism sites.
  Why Trust us:
  The web sites that we build are functional and efficient, professionally presented, aesthetically pleasing for their intended purpose, and with a clear focus on the concept of informing rather than entertaining the consumer. Our websites get the job done and accurately reflect the 'real world' nature of a particular business.
  What we do for you:
  You have one chance to sell to a website visitor. Your website needs to be a sales office, not a sales aid like a brochure, and unless your website answers all of the questions and satisfies all of the immediate needs of a potential customer, they will move on to someone else. Since you aren't there to deal with your customer personally, your website needs to assume that role on your behalf and must contain the information that you would normally provide to a customer in a "face-to-face" sales encounter.
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